• This space on the VLE is designed to recognise the interconnectedness of subjects and disciplines and in doing so to inspire some wonder and interest in wider issues about the amazing universe we inhabit .

    Your school career has divided subjects up into bitesized portions in the hope that it will be easier for you to digest the information. When you progress beyond the school gates you will see that many of these divisions are a little unhelpful at times and certainly if you choose to invest in a university course you will be able to study numerous new disciplines (like Medical Anthropology; Ethnomusicolgy; Law; Politics; Biochemistry etc), which you may consider at first glance, to be completely unchartered territory. However, closer inspection will reveal a common factor underpinning all subjects, skills and academic disciplines, namely human beings and the one thing we all have is a philosophical framework, a way of viewing the world, beliefs and values of some sort or other. In order to make sense of the world around us it is useful to inspect this comman thread.

    The Bigger Picture hopes to highlight how this human dimension weaves its way through all subject areas and disciplines by providing you with articles, podcasts and video clips so you can gain a wider understanding of human endeavour and progress as well as what it is to be human.

    Ironically, adding these links and resources is tricky on moodle as they have to be categorised back into their 'bitesized' chunks in order for you to find anything.  Rest assured that the labelling on the resource is rather like an iceberg - there's a lot more going on than appears at first glance.