Rickypedia has gone blog Crazy...
by Mr. Needlestone - Tuesday, 13 October 2009, 06:46 PM

Rickypedia has become a hive of blogtastic action. blogpicYear 8 students in particular have been writing amazing blogs about anything and everything. If you want to read blogs you can visit http://rickypedia.org/moodle/blog/index.php?filtertype=site&
(sorry visitors but for privacy you have to log in to read so it's pupils and teachers only for now)

If you want to write your own blog just click here

Remember when you blog be sensible about what you write, think if you really want the whole school to read what you have written and check you haven't been rude to anyone.

For some blogging tips you can try these websites

Who knows someday you may catch up with the worlds number 1 blogger Perez Hilton who gets 100 million visits a month!