Rickypedia is here to help you learn and to let you work and communicate with friends, students and teachers. We hope you have fun using Rickypedia but you also need to use it sensibly.

Below are some simple rules that students have come up with to help you use Rickypedia safely and sensibly.

1. No swearing
2. No innapropriate images/video
3. No offensive behaviour
4. Don't say anything that you wouldn't say to anyone's face
5. All images/videos posted must have permission from people involved
If any of the above rules are broken the user may be blocked or face further punishment.

Rickypedia will have some social spaces where you can chat and communicate with friends but other parts are run by your teachers. Remember an online classroom is still a classroom and your behaviour and language should be just as good as it would be in your lessons.

Last modified: Thursday, 12 August 2010, 02:24 PM