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  • Title: Biogea
  • Author: Michel Serres
  • Category: Philosophy
  • Date: July 2015
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1937561593


Ebook description:

Biogea is a mix of poetry, philosophy, science, and biography exemplary of the model that has made Michel Serres some of the extraordinary thinkers of his age. His philosophical and poetic inquiry sings in reward of earth and life, what he names singularly as Biogea. In these times when species are disappearing, when catastrophic occasions akin to earthquakes and tsunamis impale the earth, Serres wonders if anybody “worries in regards to the dying pangs of the rivers.” And for Serres, one can ask the same query of philosophy because the humanities more and more find themselves in want of defenders. At present, all dwelling organisms uncover themselves a part of this Biogea. “At present we have now different neighbors, constituents of the Biogea: the ocean, my lover; our mom, the Earth, turns into our daughter; this stunning breeze which evokes the spirit, a religious mistress; our gentle buddies, the contemporary and flowing waters.” much less College of Minnesota Press ; July 2015 209 pages;


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