Complicity by Adam Sol

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  • Title: Complicity
  • Author: Adam Sol
  • Category: Poetry
  • Date: March 2014
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780771079276


Ebook description:

A blinding and exhilarating new assortment of poetry from an award-winning Canadian poet. For followers of Ken Babstock, A.F. Moritz, and Karen Solie. Award-winning poet Adam Sol’s fourth assortment is a meditation on complicity. By turns intimate and lyrical, experimental and outlandish, the gathering focuses us on how we can’t escape the troubling buildings that decide our lives. How can we establish ourselves with communities – nationwide, cultural, or native – whereas conscious of the violence which underlies their preparations? How can we pursue love after we know the way fraught and imbalanced gender politics is? How can we proceed to worth artwork regardless of the prevailing rhetoric that considers it a marginal discourse? The poems are humorous, allusive, off-kilter, and sonically wealthy, whereas crucially interrogating, lit with, the modern ethos


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