Digital Mythologies by Thomas Valovic

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  • Title: Digital Mythologies
  • Author: Thomas Valovic
  • Category: Expertise
  • Date: December 1999
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780813527543


Ebook description:

Surf the online. Journey the data freeway. Go surfing to the long run. Company advert campaigns like these have grow to be pervasive within the 1990s. You are both online, otherwise you’re falling behind the times-at least, that is what the media tells us. Ever for the reason that 1990s, when the Web gained widespread recognition, it has been heralded as among the best issues ever to occur to know-how and communications. Commentators anticipated it to revolutionize how we talk, do enterprise, and educate our kids. Conversely, different pundits have vehemently attacked this know-how. Naysayers of “cyberlife” emerged with their warnings of how the Web offers an uncensored, round the clock venue for pornography, for inaccurate, simplified data, and is rife with alternatives to violate our proper to privateness. In Digital Mythologies, Thomas Valovic hopes to lift the extent of debate by giving a full and balanced image of how the Web impacts our lives. Digital Mythologies, a group of Valovic’s essays, asks onerous questions on the place pc and communications know-how is taking us. By means of anecdotes drawn from his experiences as former editor-in-chief of Telecommunications journal, the writer offers readers an insider’s peek behind the scenes of the Web trade. He explores the underlying social and political implications of the Web and its related applied sciences, primarily based on his rivalry that the our on-line world expertise is much more advanced than is often assumed. Valovic explores these hidden complexities, and factors to fascinating connections between the Web and our modern tradition


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