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  • Title: Power
  • Author: Frank Niele
  • Category: Tutorial
  • Date: September 2005
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 80472664


Ebook description:

Power: Engine of Evolution describes the significance of power within the evolution of nature and tradition on Earth. The e book presents a compact historical past of power for the creation of a sound foundation for understanding the doable futures of the power business. It additionally brings a contemporary component into the dialogue on sustainable improvement. This scientific monograph consists of two components. Half I consists of 5 chapters with particulars on the historical past of planet Earth alongside the tracks left by power. These 5 chapters correspond with the 5 successive power revolutions. Power revolution marks the boundaries between power intervals, and an power interval is characterised by an ecologically dominant power regime. Half II is comprised of two chapters and an appendix. The primary chapter describes a mannequin known as “”Staircase of Power Regimes”” for the function of power within the evolution of life. The second chapter then applies the Staircase mannequin in exploring the pathways to a more sustainable future. This e book will likely be of worth to anybody excited by a “”sustainable way forward for system Earth””


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