Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

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  • Title: Meditation for Learners
  • Author: Jack Kornfield
  • Category: Buddhist Books
  • Date: 01 Aug 2008
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: 112
  • ISBN: 1591799422


Ebook description:

Have you ever ever thought of attempting meditation, however did not know methods to get began? With Meditation for Learners, trusted trainer Jack Kornfield exhibits you ways easy it’s to start–and stick with–a every day meditation apply. “Perception” or vipassana meditation is the time-honored ability of calming the spirit and clearing the thoughts for increased understanding. Now, on this course created particularly for learners, Kornfield gives a simple, step-by-step technique for bringing meditation into your life. Utilizing the meditations included on this e book, you’ll uncover how straightforward it’s to make use of your breath, bodily sensations–and even troublesome emotions–to create tranquility and lovingkindness in your on a regular basis life. These easy, elegant practices are really easy to be taught that you’ll start having fun with the advantages immediately–while laying the inspiration for a lifetime of internal discovery and awakening. “With humor and perception, Jack Kornfield patiently explains the Buddhist option to carry deep spirituality into your on a regular basis life.” –TRICYCLE journal Desk of Contents: Chapter One: The Historical Artwork of Meditation Chapter Two: Why Meditate? Chapter Three: The Advantages of Meditation Follow Chapter 4: Meditation 1: Connecting with the Breath Chapter 5: Meditation 2: Working With Sensations within the Physique Chapter Six: Meditation 3: Working With Emotions and Emotion Chapter Seven: Meditation 4: Witnessing Your Ideas Chapter Eight: Meditation 5: Forgiveness Meditation Chapter 9: Meditation 6: Loving Kindness Meditation Chapter Ten: Meditation 7: An Consuming Meditation Chapter Eleven: Meditation 8: A Strolling Meditation Chapter Twelve: Meditation and Social Accountability Chapter 13: Methods to Domesticate a Every day Meditation Follow Excerpt: Meditation for Learners gives the central trainings and teachings present in the most effective Buddhist monasteries translated for Western society. In Meditation for Beginnings, you’ll find a number of the easiest and most common of the practices of meditation–in explicit, the practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness. The purpose of those teachings has nothing to do with changing into a Buddhist, or studying any Japanese ceremonies or rituals or bowing. The purpose is that you simply learn to work with meditation so as to find advantages from it in your life. After we take time to quiet ourselves, we are able to all sense that our lives could possibly be lived with larger compassion and larger wakefulness. To meditate is to assist this internal potential and permit it to come back forth into our lives. present more


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