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  • Title: Nostradamus
  • Author: Ian Wilson
  • Category: Biography
  • Date: April 2014
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781466867376


Ebook description:

For the final 500 years the predictions of sixteenth-century doctor and prophet Michel de Nostredame, higher generally known as Nostradamus, have been endlessly interpreted. Students and skeptics have hotly debated whether or not the 946 “quatrains” he wrote foretold the whole lot from the invention of electrical energy to the delivery of Adolph Hitler, the dying of Princess Diana and the assault on the World Commerce Heart. However whereas a lot has been written about Nostradamus’s predictions and their validity, little is understood of the person. This definitive biography by bestselling historian Ian Wilson reveals the person behind the legend for the primary time. Tracing Nostradamus’s life from his early years to his skillful remedy of Black Plague victims, his flight from brokers of the Spanish Inquisition, and his profession as an advisor to the king of France, Nostradamus separates truth from fiction and divulges a posh determine who, whether or not or not he may see future occasions, was indelibly marked by these of his personal time


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