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  • Title: Pointer
  • Author: Richard G. Beauchamp
  • Category: Pets
  • Date: 05/01/12
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1621870081


Ebook description:

An aristocrat bred for sports activities afield, the Pointer is the quintessential looking canine, pure-bred in origin and unmistakable for his ardour within the area. Bred and hunted in Britain for a whole lot of years, it is a swish, symmetrical and robust sporting canine. The Pointer is congenial and alert, making a terrific pet, a tremendous watchdog and an lively weekend sports activities pal. Endowed with dignity, kindness and the Aristocracy, the Pointer possesses all the fascinating traits of a faithful companion canine. This Particular Restricted Version serves as a superb introduction to the Pointer, together with a particular part on the breed in the USA written by visitor writer WAYNE G. CAVANAUGH, and a vigorous chapter on the breed’s traits and character. Author Richard G. Beauchamp, revered canine present choose and breeder, additionally discusses the choice of a pet, introducing the pet to your secure house, house-training and obedience classes. All the fundamentals of care and upkeep are detailed, together with feeding the Pointer all through his life, grooming, train and conditioning. Spectacular coloration images accompany a particular chapter on preventive healthcare written by world-renowned veterinarian Dr. Lowell Ackerman, together with such very important subjects as deciding on a veterinarian, spaying/neutering and stopping the onset of parasites and infectious ailments. Whether or not you’re a newcomer to the Pointer or a long-time proprietor, this new quantity shall be a treasured addition to your dog-book shelf


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