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  • Title: RASA
  • Author: Marc Benamou
  • Category: Music
  • Date: September 2010
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780199719952


Ebook description:

The complicated notion of “rasa,” as understood by Javanese musicians, refers to a mixture of varied qualities, together with: style, feeling, have an effect on, temper, sense, internal that means, a school of figuring out intuitively, and deep understanding. This leaves us with quite a lot of questions: how is rasa expressed musically? Who or what has rasa, and what kinds of musical, psychological, perceptual, and sociological distinctions enter into this dedication? How is the vocabulary of rasa structured, and what does this inform us about conventional Javanese music and aesthetics?On this first ebook on the topic, Rasa supplies an entry into Javanese music as it’s conceived by the individuals who know the custom finest: the musicians themselves. In one of the thorough explorations of native aesthetics so far, writer Marc Benamou argues that musical that means is above all connotative – therefore, not solely discovered, however learnable. Following a number of years performing and researching Javanese music within the regional and nationwide cultural heart of Solo, Indonesia, Benamou untangles the various meanings of rasa as an aesthetic criterion in Javanese music, notably in court docket and court-derived gamelan traditions. Whereas acknowledging that sure common psychological tendencies could encourage parallel interpretations of musical that means, Rasa demonstrates simply how culturally particular such accrued, shared meanings may be


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