Scottish Military Disasters by Paul Cowan

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  • Title: Scottish Army Disasters
  • Author: Paul Cowan
  • Category: Present Occasions
  • Date: June 2011
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1906476586


Ebook description:

Scotland’s status as a nation happy with its navy historical past betrays the truth that the previous is affected by catastrophes and failures. From the time of the Roman invasions till the Korean Conflict, Scotland’s navy historical past is testomony to the truth that victories are at all times talked up and recorded, however disasters are quietly forgotten. In all some 32 episodes of Scottish battlefield ineptitude are investigated by journalist Paul Cowan. These are: A Desolation Known as Peace: Mons Graupius 83 or 84AD; Dance If You Can: Falkirk 1298, The Idiot Killer: Faughart 1318; The Loser: Vermeuil 1424; Renaissance Man: Flodden 1513; Bloodbath in Norway: Kringen 1612; The Loss of life March: Dunbar 1650; The Braw Lads: Namur 1695; The Auld Enemies: Culloden 1746; Loss of life Prophesied: Ticonderoga 1758; Headless Horror: Fort du Querne 1758; No Tea Social gathering: Boston 1776; King George and Broadswords: Moore’s Creek 1776; Rocketmen: Pollilur 1780; The World Turned Upside Down: Cowpens 1781; The Will of Allah: El Hamet 1807; The Stonewall Highlanders: New Orleans 1815; Ladies and Youngsters First: The Birkenhead 1852; Walpole’s Folly: Ruiya 1858; Mountain Insanity: Majuba 1881; Highland Humiliation: Magersfontein 1899; In Dublin’s Truthful Metropolis 1914; Infirmary Blues: Bedford 1914; A Sign Catastrophe: Gretna 1915; Blooding the Pups: Gully Ravine 1915; Braveness is Not Sufficient: St Valery 1940; The Combating French: Lebanon 1941; The Fleet of Foot: Hong Kong 1941; The Cossacks: Austria 1945; Malaysian Bloodbath: Batang Kali 1948; A Hill in Korea: Nantong River 1950


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