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  • Title: The Bluest State
  • Author: Jon Keller
  • Category: Political Science
  • Date: October 2013
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9780312384906


Ebook description:

What’s Occurred to Massachusetts ? At one time, People considered Massachusetts with satisfaction. It was the place the place the cost in opposition to British oppression was incubated and first battle of the Revolutionary Battle was fought. It was the mental middle of the US, the house of the nation’s first college – Harvard – and the birthplace of a few of our most well-known writers — Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, to call only a few. What do People image once they consider Massachusetts in the present day? They consider taxes on all the things that strikes and a burning want to tax what does not. They consider unctuous, doomed Presidential candidates from Michael Dukakis to John Kerry. And, most of all, they consider “Kennedy Nation” – not the reasonable politics of JFK who backed supply-side tax cuts and saber-rattling overseas coverage, however a spot influenced by the ideology of his little brother, Ted, a punch line for unhealthy political jokes and the relic of a dream gone unhealthy. Over the previous thirty years, Massachusetts has been the take a look at kitchen for the infant growth’s political impulses and instincts, with devastating outcomes: city deterioration, failing public colleges and a vanishing job base. Sadly, the story of Massachusetts’ decline has nationwide implications. Different states share its issues. And the cautionary story of their mishandling in Massachusetts speaks to a broader challenge. What’s gone incorrect with the Democratic Celebration? In The Bluest State , a guide that echoes Tom Franks’ bestseller “What is the Matter With Kansas?” Jon Keller, a veteran political commentator, exhibits how the collapse of the Massachusetts Miracle into the Massachusetts Miasma mirrors continual failures inside the Democratic Celebration and American liberalism. After an election wherein Democrats elsewhere regained energy in Washington by transferring towards the political middle, the story of how failed boomer politics ruined certainly one of America’s nice liberal citadels is a well timed warning to the occasion for the election forward


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