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  • Title: The Digital Divide
  • Author: Mark Bauerlein
  • Category: Educational
  • Date: September 2011
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781101547526


Ebook description:

This definitive work on the perils and promise of the social- media revolution collects writings by at the moment’s greatest thinkers and cultural commentators, with an all-new introduction by Bauerlein. Twitter, Fb, e-publishing, blogs, distance-learning and different social media elevate a number of the most divisive cultural questions of our time. Some see the technological breakthroughs we dwell with as hopeful and democratic new steps in schooling, info gathering, and human progress. However others are deeply involved by the eroding of civility online, declining studying habits, withering consideration spans, and the treacherous results of 24/7 peer strain on our younger. With The Dumbest Era , Mark Bauerlein emerged because the foremost voice towards the event of an amazing digital social tradition. However The Digital Divide would not take sides. Framing the dialogue in order that main voices from throughout the spectrum, supporters and detractors alike, have the chance to weigh in on the profound points raised by the brand new media-from questions of studying abilities and a spotlight span, to cyber-bullying and the digital playground- Bauerlein’s new ebook takes the controversy to the next floor. The ebook consists of essays by Steven Johnson, Nicholas Carr, Don Tapscott, Douglas Rushkoff, Maggie Jackson, Clay Shirky, Todd Gitlin, and lots of more. Although these items have been beforehand revealed, the group of The Digital Divide provides them freshness and new relevancy, making them a part of a single doc readers can use to actually get a deal with on online privateness, the perils of a plugged-in childhood, and different technology-related sizzling matters. Reasonably than dividing the ebook into “professional” and “con” sections, the essays are organized by subject-“The Mind, the Senses,” “Studying out and in of the Classroom,” “Social and Private Life,” “The Millennials,” “The Destiny of Tradition,” and “The Human (and Political) Impression.” Bauerlein incorporates a brief headnote and a capsule bio about every contributor, in addition to related contextual details about the supply of the choice. Bauerlein additionally gives a brand new introduction that traces the event of the controversy, from the preliminary Digital Age zeal, to a wave of skepticism, and to a 3rd stage of reflection that wavers between criticism and endorsement. Enthusiasms for the Digital Age has cooled with the passage of time and the piling up of real-life examples that show the dangers of an online-focused tradition. Nonetheless, there’s nonetheless a lot debate, comprising hundreds of commentaries and lots of of books, about how these applied sciences are rewriting our futures. Now, with this well timed and definitive quantity, readers can lastly minimize via the clamor, read the the easiest writings from either side of The Digital Divide , and make more knowledgeable selections concerning the presence and place of expertise of their lives


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