The Queer Uncanny by Paulina Palmer

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  • Title: The Queer Uncanny
  • Author: Paulina Palmer
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: January 2012
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 708324606


Ebook description:

The Queer Uncanny: New Views on the Gothic investigates the varied roles that the uncanny, as outlined by Sigmund Freud, Helene Cixous and different theorists, performs in representing lesbian and male homosexual sexualities and transgender in a collection of up to date British, American and Caribbean fiction printed 1980-2007. Novels by Christopher Bram, Alan Hollinghurst, Randall Kenan, Shani Mootoo, James Purdy, Sarah Schulman, Ali Smith, Sarah Waters, Jeanette Winterson and different writers are mentioned within the context of queer concept and gothic crucial writing. The notion of the uncanny as ‘tangential and to 1 facet’ and ‘showing on the perimeter of one thing else’, as outlined by Cixous and Rosemary Jackson, appropriately evokes the state of affairs of the queer particular person residing in a minority sub-culture and present in indirect relation to hetero- normative society. Motifs with uncanny connotations mentioned embody secrets and techniques that society would favor to stay hidden however come to mild, spectral visitation, the emergence of repressed fears and needs, the double, and the homely/ unhomely home. Writers make use of them to discover matters integral to queer existence. These embody secrets and techniques regarding the closet and AIDS; gay panic; lesbian social invisibility; transgender subjectivity; the intersection between sexuality and race; the vilification of the queer topic as ‘monstrous Different’; the home lifetime of the homosexual couple destabilised by homophobic influences from the general public world; and the heterosexual household disrupted by gay secrets and techniques from inside. The queer recasting of gothic motifs, such because the haunted home, the uncanny metropolis, the grotesque physique, and the breakdown of the household as a consequence of paternal incest, receives consideration


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