Unthinking Eurocentrism by Ella Shohat

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  • Title: Unthinking Eurocentrism
  • Author: Ella Shohat
  • Category: Present Occasions
  • Date: June 2014
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 131767541X


Ebook description:

Unthinking Eurocentrism , a seminal and award-winning work in postcolonial research first printed in 1994, explored Eurocentrism as an interlocking community of buried premises, embedded narratives, and submerged tropes that constituted a broadly shared epistemology. Inside a transdisciplinary research, the authors argued that the debates about Eurocentrism and submit/coloniality should be thought of inside a broad historic sweep that goes at the very least way back to the assorted 1492s – the Inquisition, the Expulsion of Jews and Muslims, the Conquest of the Americas, and the Transatlantic slave commerce – a course of which culminates within the post-Warfare makes an attempt to radically decolonize international tradition. Ranging over a number of geographies, the e-book deprovincialized media/cultural research by means of a “polycentric” method, whereas analysing in depth such points as postcolonial hybridity, antinomies of Enlightenment, the tropes of empire, gender and rescue fantasies, the racial politics of casting, and the restrictions of “constructive picture” evaluation. The substantial new afterword on this 20th anniversary new version brings these points into the current by charting latest transformations of the mental debates, as phrases such because the “transnational,” the “commons,” “indigeneity,” and the “Crimson Atlantic” have come to the fore. The afterword additionally explores some cinematic tendencies corresponding to “indigenous media” and “postcolonial diversifications” which have gained power over the previous twenty years, together with others, corresponding to Nollywood, which have emerged with startling pressure. Winner of the Katherine Kovacs Singer Greatest Movie Guide Award, the e-book has been translated in full or in its entirety into various languages from Spanish to Farsi. This expanded version of a ground-breaking textual content proposes analytical grids related to all kinds of fields together with postcolonial research, literary research, anthropology, media research, cultural research, and demanding race research


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